Thin Veneer - Miniature Wooden Ship
Dollhouse Miniature Wooden Ship

I've recently been using the bullet to cut (some parts) of my miniature wooden ships. 

It has been made with a 'plank on hull' construction much like the sailing ships of old were made. The hull is fashioned from shaped slices which are arranged to form the frame of the ship. The lower part of the ship has been planked using extremely thin rosewood and mahogany veneer.

The sails are made from thin cotton that has been weathered and distressed. The rigging, shrouds, and ratlines are made from silk. The base (though you can't see it clearly) has a beveled edge and is made from walnut wood.

Dollhouse Miniature Wooden Ship

The ship is displayed on a 1/12th scale side table so you can see how tiny it is. It has been sized extremely small to fit perfectly within a 1/12th scale miniature scene. 

The Silver Bullet Professional helped tremendously with some of the more complex cuts on this piece, saving me a ton of time

~Photos Courtesy of Esther Marker