Customer Testimonials 


I just wanted to email to say thank you for the outstanding customer service you provided us. I ordered something from yourselves (US) and something from a company here (UK) and could not believe it when your parcel arrived first!

The ease of transaction was simple and communication excellent.

Many thanks once again,

Mike Johnston
The Sublime Printing Company

I just want to start off by saying, Sherri, the master behind this machine was so awesome to deal with.  Its not too often you get someone so sweet and knowledgeable all in one, this should always be the standard.  After doing much research, I felt this machine was the one for the job, or should I say much more than one.   I highly recommend this machine for doing custom items, decals, shirts, and more, it will be put to good use here at my shop.  

-Happy Customer
Gottashine Design and Print

Just read about the new machine - so fantastic. I know that anything you and Dawn do is first rate. I appreciate that you do not rush things to market just because your competition does. You take your time, really make sure it is good, and THEN you will release. This among the reasons I have stuck with my cougar so long, the machine just performs when I need it. I am in the process of making another quilt, and the quilting design is very specific. I will need to cut a template so that I can trace it on my fabric to follow with the sewing machine. Because I will be cutting again soon, I happened upon the good news at the forum. 

Pat W.

I just want to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate your incredible service!  Your prompt response to not only my original order, but the add-on, was second to none!

As you can probably tell, I am very happy with my purchase so far. And I think your entire program, including your Learning Center, documentation, new website, and customer service is exceedingly well done.

We are so very happy with our Silver Bullet! It is such a great help to us with multiple programs. 
Armon Carter Museum of American Art

“Silver Bullet has been so important to our business, I don’t know how we survived before doing business them!” Their Silver Bullet Cutter is top notch and every time I order supplies, they arrive within a couple of days. I love love love this company!  Also, we thought we put our first Silver Bullet Cutter through the ringer over a year ago. We have used this thing every day for the last few years and I’m used to equipment wearing out. It started making some whining noises, and the screen was acting a little wonky. Well, it’s still alive and kicking, and that’s after buying another Silver Bullet (just in case!) over 15 months ago. It’s still sitting in the box waiting for this one to die. Not sure if it ever will, but if it does, at least I have a spare ready to go! LOL
Dave B.
Owner, Mystic Metals, LLC

“For the past four years, I have pursued the making of a monumental work of art for which I hope to be remembered. The piece will be a 3D sculpture made from over 300,000 unique paper elements. Each element needs to be accurately printed, cut, scored and hand assembled. Early on I acquired a Silver Bullet which has proven itself indispensable to the project through all its phases. The Silver Bullet is a marvel of accuracy and reliability in a sleek little package.”
Conrad Cortellini
Architect, Modeling Complexity

I am hiring another person for my busy season which I should have done last month!  I will probably order one more machine next month as our backup. They work great, we cut about 200+ sheets of heavy card stock on each of our machines a day.  I replaced all of my KNK Maxx Air's with Silver Bullet machines.   We are loving cutting on the Silver Bullet, we cut 120 lb cover stock now on a single pass and cut lots of tiny 0.073" size earring holes that come out beautiful.  I could never do that on a single pass on the other machines.  So happy I went searching for an alternative!

I sincerely appreciate your efforts in satisfying our order due to the circumstances – we initially wanted the 15” but they are out of stock and we need this asap to complete our projects here at NIST.  It is a pleasure doing business with your company and see that we can depend on you for our needs to proceed with the projects and tasks at hand.

Thank you again

I just received my package today!  This is the first time in the history of my ever receiving a piece of equipment that I have ever sent a response to but I just have to tell you. I’m very IMPRESSED!  I’m having to take a moment just to sit and admire the machine itself! It is incredibly well built.  Even my husband who is a wood turner and has every piece of equipment known to man (expensive isn’t the word for it) said as he was unpacking it, just how well built it was).  I know you probably hear that a lot but hey, when you do something well, it’s always nice to hear, it’s really nice to be able to stand behind something that is actually an awesome product.  Okay, now I have a little assembly to do, so I must stop admiring and get to work!  Thanks for the quick shipment too! Ready to Create!

Melissa C.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for a wonderful product.  I only wish I’d purchased the 24″ Silver Bullet earlier.  It has made my life SO much easier.  This is the BEST cutter for a myriad of applications.  I’ve recently cut several model airplane plans to assemble them using cardstock.  I’m totally satisfied and in love with my new machine!
Rich Keller

It’s amazing to have such incredible service.  I’ve never cut anything in my life and chose to go directly to the Silver Bullet instead of starting with a less expensive product, mainly because of what appeared to be such personalized support (on top of an incredible product).  Well, worth every penny even at this point and I can imagine its importance as I use the machine! Many thanks.

LOL – I feel so DUMB!!  This machine is smarter than I am!  Thanks for your great customer support!  The letter that came with the machine made me tear up!  I have never felt customer service this great!   I have watched the videos here as well as others prepared by others.  I have read and read…  My machine will cut, the laser is great, I have been using the dreaded Cricut E and am used to that orientation on the mat vs screen.  Thanks so much!  I AM SO EXCITED TO BEGIN!!
Cynthia D.

Hello. I just wanted to thank you for your quality customer service.  I received the Silver Bullet on Saturday, less than a week from ship date.  I usually expect large packages more than a month after shipment since they are sent parcel post.  I was really surprised it was shipped Priority for the cost of shipping you charged.  Everything arrived in order.  I have been a cutting fool this weekend and am currently covered in red vinyl. Absolutely love the machine, and it works great.  No issues with set up and usage.  Also, appreciate the assistance working with me to order the machine.  You definitely have a new loyal customer.  Thank you for your support.

I’m A happppppppy Silver Bullet user.  I just installed the new control panel and it works so much easier, I don't believe it.  Your service and good instructions are great. I ’m sure glad I read the forum or I might have struggled with that problem for a long time!!!!!!!  Did I mention you're the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks so much again.
Happy Harold

Sherri, thank you so much for the information.  I just placed my order for the 24" Silver Bullet.  I really appreciate your help and insight.  This has been a long-standing wish-list item of my wife who's been joking about pulling the trigger and getting one for well over a year.  Her reason? "All the rest are toys. The Silver Bullet is professional grade."  Well, jokes on her when this arrives for her birthday.  I'm very excited for her.  Thanks again and I look forward to her being a part of the Silver Bullet family (she's a serious paper cutter - all by hand at this time).

Thank you and I am happy to part of the “family”.  I can tell quite honestly, my experience of learning this new machine has been so gently pushed along by you and your company (who not only thinks but lives outside the box) and the wonderful women (my virtual quilting bee of great gals) who have helped me every step of the way on the forum.  My constant lamenting and very, very long posts never went unanswered and my gerbil wheel of concerns was always met with lots of “you can do it” and “I made all the same mistakes too”.  I am starting to figure out the blade settings now (only two blade casualties thus far) and overall just feeling very happy about my new machine friend.  Thanks for sending my order and I will keep in touch.

Just wanted to drop you a line to say, I am absolutely blown away by the service provided by you.  Couldn’t believe it when the Silver Bullet machine was delivered yesterday afternoon to me!!!  Only had time last night to get it unpacked and checked and watch the set-up videos etc., but will be putting it to use tonight.  My wife is blown away by it and very excited, the only issue is now I will need to get her another Christmas present, as this arrived so quickly hahaha.  Thanks again.

Well, where do I start?  My experience in purchasing another cutter was a nightmare.  What I will tell you is that the only saving grace in that horrible experience was finding Sheri and the Silver Bullet cutter.

From the first email I received from Sheri, I could tell I was dealing with a professional, thoughtful person whose passion for her work goes far above and beyond merely selling machines and blades.  Sheri cares.  She cares that her machines live up to their reputation, caring about you and your needs.  Whether you are a casual crafter, or you run a high production shop, she cares and always puts customer satisfaction ahead of making a dollar.  She is honest, she is fair, and she is what more business models should be based on.

From the moment you open the box, you'll notice the attention to detail that goes into a Silver Bullet.  There is no “Here is your cutter, plug it in and good luck!”.  Whether you are new to cutters or have been using them for years, the Silver Bullet experience will enlighten you to so many possibilities that will enhance not just your creativity, but also your workflow.

Education is abundant.  The machine comes with a well-articulated physical manual as well as a digital version.  Like to learn by seeing versus reading?  Go to the website to view amazing video tutorials and then follow up at the online forum where you will be submerged in a wealth of knowledge by a warm community of users.

If you are in need of a die cutter, look no further.  With the Silver Bullet, you will get amazing results at a reasonable price and I’ve NEVER experienced such fast turnaround on delivery when I order supplies. Seriously, stop reading and get to work.  With the Silver Bullet, you won’t fight production, you’ll excel at it.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my Silver Bullet last week, but only let myself open the box today because I had to finish the 100 sympathy cards I promised the Pediatric Palliative Care Manager I would make.  And now, woohoo I am having a great day.  I got as far as setting it all up while reading the manual and just finished installing SCAL 3 (I am so proud of myself because I usually get my son-in-law to do that for me but I wanted to see if I could do it on my own!!!) The directions are so explicit in your manual so that really helped me. The little videos are really good too. I've logged onto the forum before I had the machine but thought I would wait to learn more now that I have my baby!  Thanks a million. I am going out to do my yard work and will then come back to finish reading the manual and play! Have a great day.

Hi, this is just some initial feedback on the amazing packaging of the Silver Bullet box I received yesterday.  We waited to open it until the whole family was here. :)  I don’t think I’ve ever opened a shipped package that has been so expertly packed, and for want of a better term, it felt luxurious to open and unpack it!  The cutter looks like an extremely well-made machine.  So, with the course and the learning center, and my teenager’s tech-savviness, I am very hopeful of having it up and running soon!  Thanks.

OH, MY GOSH!!!  I used my SB for the first time the other day.  Of course, I had an Etsy order... and instead of playing with my SB first, I cut a mirror image saying with the SB from vinyl.  WOW!  I don't know what else to say.  Simply amazed at the ease and speed!  The videos are awesome.  Still can't believe it was that easy!  Of course I have a LONG way to go with learning all the settings, however, I'm still amazed that I was able to cut and fill an order on my very first try! :)

Thanks so much for all the work you've put into making the SB the best machine ever. 

Just got my Bullet, and initial impressions are, WOW!  Beautiful machine with a durable feel to it.  Very impressed so far! I’m viewing tutorial videos now.  Thanks for the fast service.
Ramon H.

You have been very helpful to me to help determine the proper cutter for the Meese Family. Before this time I had no experience with this type of system. Your knowledge is excellent and complete.  With all the holiday rush, I may have given you more information than you needed but was trying to help you reference the 6-week old request.
God Bless, Michael S.

I love, love, love the Silver Bullet.  I use it to cut magnetic sheeting into six-inch-tall letters and shapes for mobile marques.  Had I found the machine 5 years earlier, it would have saved me and anyone I could get to help me 100s of hours of hand tracing and cutting.  I had no idea such a machine existed until I realized hand cutting and tracing was plain insanity.

I started searching for a machine but I had no idea what I was looking for.  I started thinking that I needed a die press but that economically made no sense at all.  Finally, after months of online research, I found Sherri and the Silver Bullet.  At the time, I wasn’t sure if I could afford the machine but I knew I had to have it, so I bit the bullet, pun intended!

When I received it on my front porch I couldn’t wait to start using it.  I felt like all the angels were singing when I opened the box and set up my cutting station.  Of course, I had to download the software and create my images and learn how to use the machine, but it wasn’t that difficult.  Sherri and her staff were and continue to be super responsive to questions for help, which I had a lot of when I first started learning how to use the machine.

The Silver Bullet to me and my business is like what the wheel was to the world, and its value to my business is in measurable and my most treasured non-human asset.
Sierra Falso-Fiechter
Chief Executive Fun-Officer, Jump On The School Bus

I am just floored by your customer service…..I will definitely be a customer for life.  Thank you!

We decided to purchase the Silver Bullet due to the multiple uses and as a backup to our existing units.

Well to my surprise, the Silver Bullet is definitely a quality piece of hardware.  And as for the ease, I cut my first sandblast resist stencil within 10 minutes of installing and turning on the machine.  I am very impressed with the quality and accuracy or the cut.  My next project was to engrave an anodized aluminum ID tag.  It took me 2 tags to get adjusted and I engraved a perfect tag with high-quality results.

I am very very impressed with the Silver Bullet Cutter, as a total package.
David S.

Wow! Has the Silver Bullet ever enhanced my crafting experience!  I've had a Cricut Expression, Cricut Imagine, Pazzles Inspiration, Gazelle, Black Cat Cougar, and lastly, the Silver Bullet 24 inch on a rolling stand.  I cannot tell you how much I love the Silver Bullet. It's everything a cutter should be.  It cuts smoothly and with a finesse, I would have never thought possible.  I love this cutter! I was totally happy with my Cougar before and I heard such rave reviews I thought I have to see what all the hoopla is about. Well, Now I know. I kept all of my machines until I got the Silver Bullet since I have sold both my Cricut and the Gazelle.  The Pazzles is really worn and doesn’t get used, but feel it is too tired to sell.  I love my Silver Bullet, it is the bomb of cutting machines!
Lesa D.

I have owned what feels like every cutter out there from a Cricut to a Black Cat Cougar, and I must say, I've been blown away by the Silver Bullet.  Never have I had such a motivational experience from a cutting machine!  From the cutter to the presentation, to the service, Silver Bullet Cutters has it together!
J. Ericson

I bought my cutter from Sheri 4 years ago and since I turned it on, it's been running pretty much nonstop ever since.  This machine is amazing.  I have never had such a fine trouble-free machine as this one. We have cut hundreds and hundreds of t-shirts and other apparel, etched thin metals, used it for scrapbooking etc.  It has never given us any problems.  I would have expected to have to replace my cutter by now, but it is still going strong.  We are about to start an order for 150 shirts and I have no fear that all the cuts will be done perfectly without a hitch......That is a great feeling!!!  Sheri is quite pleasant to visit with and has great customer service …although I must say, I've not needed any customer service after the initial purchase because the machine has been problem free.  This past Christmas we added the stand and wow.....I love it even more!!!  Thanks so so much, Sheri. Your machine has grown our business!
Eme Zipp

I have been using my new Silver Bullet for a month, and I couldn’t be more impressed with its capabilities!  It cuts with amazing speed and accuracy.  The fabulous customer service, before and after purchase makes owning this machine even more incredible.  I am confident that I will be happy with this cutter for years.

I have to say these are the best machines known in the crafting business.  I was the first person in the USA to own a Black Cat Cougar, I still have it and it still works like it did from day one.  I then purchased a larger Silver Bullet machine.  I have to say that even though my workload is small when I have a job where I have to cut out over a 1000 pieces of cardstock to paper piece decorations, the machine keeps going and going.  I was truly amazed.  I am now working on a project for a golf tournament where I will utilize both machines due to the size of the project and I have no doubt in my mind the machine will keep up just as well.  This will be my fourth large-scale project and my only regret is I didn’t buy a bigger machine. 

I’ve had a Pazzles cutter for a while, but not been 100% happy with it, 60% is the best I could give my experience.
  However, I heard about the Silver Bullet and made a radical decision, sell the Pazzles and get a Silver Bullet.
It’s the best decision I’ve had whilst I’ve been crafting. This machine excels itself, and really does blow the Pazzles to the bottom of the deep blue sea!
  The cuts are beautiful and perfect, even the finest of designs are just amazing and it cuts them at speed too, the only problem is, I get fewer coffee breaks now because I’m not waiting for it to finish cutting.  Prepare to be amazed – I was!!!

I have to say “I Love my Silver Bullet”.  It cuts so nice and boy it’s fast.  I have had a few other machines and the performance on this machine is by far the best I have seen.  I also have to say I love the software it comes with, SCAL, it is soooo user-friendly and I am learning to do so much more than I ever dreamed of.  I also really love that they have a learning center with all kinds of videos and tips.  Anytime I have a question I have no problems getting an answer right away.  Would recommend it to anyone.

I have the Cricut, Silhouette SD, Cameo, the 24″ Black Cat Cougar.  I LOVED my Cougar and just had to see what the fuss was about on the Silver Bullet,  How could it be better than my Cougar?  Well, it is! It cuts cleaner, smoother, faster and I still get the great customer support that I have been accustomed to.  It is simply the BEST!!!

It’s true what everyone is saying about this machine, you just FEEL/SENSE the difference.  And when you make that first cut, oh my, it’s smooth like silk and you can feel the sleek, understated power contained within…just waiting to be released with the touch of a button.