Small Business Owners

Starting a small business is difficult at best. With our Silver Bullet Professional and help, you can become more productive and profitable. We've helped thousands of people realize their dream of owning their own business. When we first got started in 2008, it was a time of many lost jobs and cutbacks. We had numerous people contact us, wanting to find a way to use our machines to make and sell something, helping to supplement their income.  We held their hand, walked them through the steps it took to master that business and many of them are thriving success stories.  Their hard work, determination and our machines and tools helped accomplish that.

One example we hear over and over again, "I've started an Etsy or a small boutique gift shop, I'm using a Cricut, Silhouette Cameo etc., and it's not keeping up". I'm replacing them over and over again, I need a stronger machine that can handle the workload.  We're proud to say we have many success stories listed here that came to us encountering the same situation. Not only will our machines run 24/7, but they will do it faster and better than any machine on the market. 

Should you have a need for a professional machine to help you increase productivity, and produce a better quality product, or If you're looking to start a business and have read some our success stories, and need to ask questions, contact us. If you're not sure where to start, we can help.

  Simply Cindy Handmade Paper Flowers by mcfunk90    MarninSaylor
Simply Cindy                                               Handmade Paper Flowers by mcfunk90   MarninSaylor
Cherokee Copper Erik's Inspiration
Cherokee Copper  Erik's Inspiration