Silver Bullet Cutters

What will the Silver Bullet Professional cut?

Card stock, paper, chipboard, rubber, gasket material, vinyl, thin films, stencil material, fabric, Tyvek, glass paper, paper cloth, laminating mediums, thin veneer (both regular and sticky back), tissue paper, closed cell foamcore, mylar, fake fur, clay, magnetic material, shrink plastic, template plastic, teflon, felt, shelf liner, leather (must verify with us what type) metals (must verify with us), fondant, wood paper, thin balsa wood, sail cloth, flag material, cofee filters, and so much more. The determining factors are the thickness or the density of the media.


Please note: Silver Bullet and Black Cat Cutters are both trademarks of That's Scrap, Inc. Please be aware that any other seller of these machines in the USA is doing so illegally. 

Prepare to be amazed by the most advanced electronic die cutting machine! 
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