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Have you often wondered who is actually manufacturing the products we are selling?  We felt our customers might like to know a bit about the people who actually build our equipment and stand behind their work. Please read their story and take a look at their factory.  We think you will come away from this as impressed as we are.

Foison Technology is a global leader. They have been in business since 2007.  Their distributors and agents span over forty countries and regions. In 2017 Foison and Shenzhen reached a strategic partnership to provide better working conditions for all of their employees.  It makes us proud to know that the people building our equipment are happy to be at a job that provides for a better working atmosphere and that leads to happier people in better health to produce our machines.

Foison TecnologyFoison TecnologyFoison Tecnology

We have been with Foison Technology since our inception in 2008. The previous machine I sold used to be built there. I stopped selling that machine because it never worked right.  The company would never stand behind it. That is how I discovered if you are willing to pay for it you can get a really good machine. We have a 10-year relationship with Foison Technology. Over the years we had heard you cannot get anything built well in China. A cheaply made product that is all disposable and never works well. We found that to be incorrect. If you are willing to spend the money on the best parts and provide a better working environment with happy employees to do good quality control you can get the best. And we do. We pay top dollar for the best parts and assembly and Foison provides a wonderful working environment for their people. From the first meeting we had with them we knew that they were different. They were interested in our concept of a commercial machine that would be built to last.  We wanted to fill the gap between the inexpensive plastic desktop machines for crafters to the high-end cutters used for industry. Most of those cutters range in the 5-8K market. They will not cut near the amount of media as ours, nor will they do it as well.

Over the years they have proven to us that they are concerned about our quality control, leadership in the industry and no frills, just a great piece of equipment that works well and lasts.

Unlike many other companies that are always racing to the finish line with a new machine, we chose to do one machine really well with the basic needs to get the job done quickly, efficiently and with few hassles.  We did not feel that a different name, a different color or a new latest greatest device on it would be serving our customers well. Foison agreed. They understand our philosophy and respect it. 

With the announcement of our latest product, we want people to know we worked closely with Foison for over 3 years on the development and perfection of this machine.  We listened to our customers and delivered just what they asked for and left off the things that we know do not work. We built a really great machine that out performs any machine on the market and we know how well it is built because we work hand in hand with the manufacturer who has delivered machines to us for the last 10 years with a less than 3% failure rate.  Pretty amazing, right?

Foison Technology - Production
Foison Technology - Production
Foison Technology - Shipping

Look at the amazing manufacturing plant and know that your machine is built to the highest standards in the cleanest environment and to exacting standards. That is the Silver Bullet/ Foison relationship. We are sure we can serve you well for years to come.