We are a family of Cherokee Artists who makes jewelry at Cherokee Copper. 

Cherokee Copper started as a way for Greg to connect with his family and with his culture. He began making jewelry in the living room back in 2012. In the fall of 2016, his wife Lisa was looking to start a business.  She looked at several different businesses and decided to invest in Greg and bring his jewelry to the world. 
Greg was hand carving and engraving jewelry, cuffs, and pendants, with a Dremel tool.  He began to look at different machines that could engrave.  Lisa took an afternoon and did some research and told Greg "call me crazy but I don't want you to buy a $200 machine, I want you to spend $800."  Did we mention that Lisa is not one to wildly spend money!  But rather, see the value in the Silver Bullet Professional and knew it would be a game changer for them. 

Story credit: Reporter Stacie Boston/Cherokee Phoenix
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Since purchasing the Silver Bullet, we've been able to expand what we make and now offer custom engraved jewelry, partner with schools and organizations for fundraisers. 

Cherokee Copper Earnings
Sequoyah Earrings by Cherokee Copper

Copper Cross Cuff

Cherokee Copper College Fund

Education is also very important to us here at Cherokee Copper, and having one in college and one getting ready to go we know just how all the expenses of college can add up.  That is why we have a scholarship fund for Cherokee Students.  5% of the proceeds from our Heritage Collection are set aside for our scholarship fund.  It is just a small way that we can give back to our community.

We love the ease of use and the set it and leave it ability we have with the Silver Bullet.  We can program several projects and set it up to engrave/print and go eat dinner to work on other projects. We wholeheartedly recommend the Silver Bullet.  It has been a great investment in our business.