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Our electronic die cutting machines have been reviewed annually since 2009, by the prestigious group called Top Ten review. They started to give a top ten review award in 2012, and we're proud to say we've been given the highest designation of all of the cutters in the World since then. Being awarded the Gold Standard for our machines as well as the Award of excellence.

A team of people reviews the machine and its capabilities, testing it against other cutters on the market. It's rigorous testing of the machine, software, and our company's customer service record.  People state that they're impressed with the fact that we not only have the highest designation, but we have maintained it by taking care of our customer's needs and continuously upgrading our machines to meet today's standards. We build machines to last, we're not interested in constantly coming up with a new color, a few new add-ons that do nothing to improve the performance, but rather entice people to buy just to have the latest machine on the market. 
We build it right the first time and we believe that is why we also rank at the top of their list!