• Silver Bullet Cutters LLC  is a locally owned and operated company, based in the state of Minnesota. 
  • We produce the best electronic die cutting machines on the market, both US and abroad.
  • These premium die cutting machines are computer driven and are sold with software that is designed with specific drivers for our machines.
  • Silver Bullet Cutters address a need for a large market – from the individual user to both small and large businesses, ranging from graphics support to mechanical engineering.  Our professional machines are not only in homes and businesses but also are well utilized in many school districts, college campuses, and medical facilities
  • We pride ourselves on keeping the machine in stock and manufacturing most of the accessory parts in the United States.
  • We are never satisfied with status quo and are always searching for new and exciting ways to utilize this amazing machine.
  • Our customer service is exceptional and is consistently highly rated by customers.
  • We offer a company supported forum for all customers and prospective buyers as well
  • We implemented an exclusive Learning Center to provide the new owner a complete guided tutorial to get the most out of their machine and are constantly upgrading it as new information is available.


Our company started in 2008 brought on by the housing market crash.  After college, I started my career in corporate America with several large companies.  Like many people in corporate America "I" became a number without a name and I decided to change career paths.  I was told I was very much a people person.  I found my home in Real Estate.  After 28 very successful years, I saw the bubble about to burst and overnight the crash happened.  When I saw it coming I had started an online store.  I was selling scrapbooking supplies and several electronic die cutting machines, one of which is now a competitor.  We believed that not only could customer service be improved but that we could build a superior machine- a machine that would last longer, require fewer repairs and stand up to the rigors of working in a commercial environment.  This is what our customers were asking for at the time and we were determined to meet that request.  In talking to many of my customers, I found a majority of them were experiencing a family catastrophe as well.  Many people telling me one person or the other in a family was now without a job.  Many of them looking for a new career path like myself.  We knew we could change people's lives if we could build the machine they needed.

We set out to build a machine that would do things other machines could not.  Customers wanted a machine that would cut denser materials.  They wanted a machine that would cut with greater precision.  The request for a quieter machine for the work environment, one that would run for hours without overheating. In response, we created the Black Cat Cutter.  It hit the market in 2008 to much fanfare and received critical acclaim in the world of cutting machines.  In our first year of selling, we were nominated for the Award of excellence and the Gold Standard,  the number one position in the world of Top Ten Reviews of electronic die cutting machines.  We carry both of those distinctions to this day.  We didn't rest on our laurels; instead, we raised the bar higher.  We created new tools to allow our customers the ability to do the things they needed the machine to do in order to propel their business forward.  Many a success story was written on Etsy and other places as a direct result of hard work, creativity, and that machine.

As word began to spread about the capabilities of the Black Cat Cutter demand grew for other features.  Customers wanted to cut materials that we had not worked with before.  Others were requesting to cut things a laser cutter would not, such as plastics and many forms of cardstock that would burn the edges if cut with a laser.  We were convinced that we could achieve the precision cuts people desired with a blade instead of a light.  After considerable trial and error, we were able to accomplish our goal in 2012 with the inception of the Silver Bullet Cutter.

With the creation of the Silver Bullet line of cutting machines, we had reached the pinnacle of what customers were requesting.  The Silver Bullet is an amazing machine.  It is meant to be pushed to the limit. We have customers who run it on three shifts a day without any negative issues like overheating or shutting down.  We strive to make improvements to the machine to this day.

We continue to learn from our customers.  They continually surprise us with uses for the machine that we never imagined.  We encourage them to "think outside the box" and challenge us with new uses and ideas for the machine.  We continue to make improvements to the machine.  We have some very exciting developments planned for the near future and are anxious to introduce them to the marketplace.  In the meantime, our customers will always be able to count on the durability of our machines and we will continue to provide the excellent customer service that has been our hallmark since the beginning.  Our goal is to include everybody we can into our Silver Bullet Family.


Sherri Jensen


Silver Bullet Cutters LLC