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  1. Michael says:

    Well, where do I start? Though the Black Cat cutter is a renowned machine, my experience in buying one through a different company was a nightmare I will not rehash here. What I will tell you is that the only saving grace in that horrible experience was finding Sheri and the Silver Bullet cutter.

    From the first email I received from Sheri I could tell I was dealing with a professional, thoughtful person whose passion for her work goes far above and beyond merely selling machines and blades. Sheri cares. She cares that her machines live up to their reputation. She cares about you and your needs. Whether you are a casual crafter, or you run a high production shop, she cares and always puts customer satisfaction ahead of making a dollar. She is honest, she is fair, and she is what more business models should be based on.

    From the moment you open the box you will notice the attention to detail that goes into a Silver Bullet. There is no “Here is your cutter, plug it in and good luck!”. Whether you are new to cutters or have been using them for years, the Silver Bullet experience will enlighten you to so many possibilities that will enhance not just your creativity, but also your work flow.

    Education is abundant. The machine comes with a well articulated physical manual as well as a digital version stored on a reusable flash drive. Like to learn by seeing instead of reading? Go to the website to view amazing video tutorials and then follow up at the online forum where you will be submerged in a wealth of knowledge by a warm community of users.

    If you are in need of a die cutter, look no further. With the Silver Bullet you will get amazing results at a reasonable price and I’ve NEVER experienced such fast turnaround on delivery when I order supplies. Seriously, stop reading and get to work. With the Silver Bullet you won’t fight production, you’ll excel at it.

  2. Eme Zipp says:

    I bought my cutter from Sheri 4 years ago and since I turned it on it has been running pretty much non stop every since. This machine is amazing. I have never had such a fine trouble free machine as this one. We have cut hundreds and hundreds of tshirts and other apparel , etched thin metals, used it for scrapbooking etc. It has never given us any problems. I would have expected to have to replace my cutter by now but it is still going strong. We are about to start an order for 150 shirts and I have no fear that all the cuts will be done perfectly with no hitch ..That is a great feeling!!! Sheri is quite pleasant to visit with and has great customer service …although I must say I have not needed any customer service after the initial purchase because the machine has been problem free. This past Christmas we added the stand and wow …I love it even more!!! Thanks so so much Sheri. Your machine has grown our business .

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I have been using my new Silver Bullet for a month, and I couldn’t be more impressed with its capabilities! It cuts with amazing speed and accuracy. The fabulous customer service, before and after purchase makes owning this machine even more incredible. I am confident that I will be happy with this cutter for years.

  4. Suzan says:

    I have to say these are the best machines known in the crafting business. I was the first person in the USA to own a Black Cat Cougar, I still have it and it still works like it did from day one. I then purchased a larger Silver Bullet machine. I have to say that even though my work load is small, when I have a job where I have to cut out over a 1000 pieces of cardstock to paper piece decorations, the machine keeps going and going. I was truly amazed. I am now working on a project for a golf tournament where I will utilize both machines due to the size of the project and I have no doubt in my mind the machine will keep up just as well. This will be my fourth large scale project and my only regret is I didn’t buy a bigger machine. Dawn and Sherri also offer the best customer service you could ask for. They will talk to you 24/7 to help resolve an issue. We always wonder how these woman manage to sleep.

  5. Nikayla King says:

    Yes this machine is amazing!!! All the reviews are true and speak for themselves. The machine has some weight (which is a good thing) and precision cutting and quiet operation are key components. The software program is easy to follow and there are many blades and tools available for a wide variety of design projects. There is also a Silver Bullet forum of individuals with varying degrees of knowledge that can become an invaluable tool for where ever you may be on that learning curve. I want to, however, focus more on the customer service end of this company. A company that is clearly “customer present”. I read a lot of reviews before I bought my Silver Bullet machine and they were all so glowing…..now I know why! You can call or email with a question and the reply will be fast, personable and resolution driven. Honestly I have never dealt with a company in business that was more dedicated to customer satisfaction. I live in Canada and it has been reassuring to have that security of feeling like I purchased this machine “down the street”. You will NOT be disappointed with this machine and the customer service is just that cherry on top.
    I am a happy owner of a Silver Bullet machine!

  6. Lesa Duncan says:

    Wow has the silver bullet ever enhanced my crafting experience. I have had a cricut expression, cricut imagine, Pazzles Inspiration, Gazelle, Black Cat Cougar, and lastly the silver bullet 24 inch on a rolling stand. I can not tell you have much I love the silver bullet. It is everything a cutter should be. It cuts smoothly and with a finesse I would have never thought possible. I love this cutter I was totally happy with my Cougar before and I heard such rave reviews I thought I have to see what all the hoopla is about. Well Now i know. I kept all of my machines Until I got the silver bullet after I got it and I always use it I have sold both cricuts and the gazelle, The pazzles is really worn and doesnt get used but feel it is too tired to sell. 🙂 I love my Silver Bullet it is the bomb of cutting machines.

  7. Craftcardcreations says:

    I’ve had a Pazzles cutter for a while, but not been 100% happy with it, 60% is the best I could give my experience.
    However I heard about the Silver Bullet and made a radical decision, sell the pazzles and get a Silver Bullet.
    It’s the best decision I’ve had whilst I’ve been crafting. This machine excels itself, and really does blow the Pazzles to the bottom of the deep blue sea!
    The cuts are beautiful and perfect, even the finest of designs are just amazing and it cuts them at speed too, only problem is, I get less coffee breaks now because i’m not waiting for it to finish cutting

    Prepare to be amazed – I was!!!

  8. Sherry says:

    I have to say “I Love my Silver Bullet”. It cuts so nice and boy it’s fast. I have had a few other machines and the performance on this machine is by far the best I have seen. I also have to say I love the software it comes with, SCAL, it is soooo user friendly and I am learning to do so much more than I ever dreamed of. I also really love that they have a learning center with all kinds of videos and tips. Anytime I have a question I have no problems getting an answer right away. Would recommend it to anyone.

  9. kim says:

    I have the Cricut, Silhouette SD, Cameo, the 24″ Black Cat Cougar. I LOVED my Cougar and just had to see what the fuss was about on the Silver Bullet, How could it be better than my Cougar? Well, it is! It cuts cleaner, smoother, faster and I still get the great customer support that I have been accustomed to. It is simply the BEST!!!

  10. Lisa says:

    It’s true what everyone is saying about this machine, you just FEEL / SENSE the difference. And when you make that first cut, oh my, it’s smooth like silk and you can feel the sleek, understated power contained within…just waiting to be released with the touch of a button.

  11. J. Ericson says:

    I have owned what feels like every cutter out there from a Cricut to a Cougar, and I must say I have been blown away by the Silver Bullet. Never have I had such a motivational experience from a cutting machine! From the cutter to the presentation to the service, Silver Bullet Cutters has it together!

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