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From the creators of the Black Cat Cougar™ series of machines, we are pleased to be launching a new line of cutters. Prepare to be amazed…the Silver Bullet™ is on its way! More speed, more accuracy, more power, a quieter motor, and the same GREAT customer service people have come to expect. Our new Silver Bullet™ will be the shot heard around the World!


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Silver Bullet Card

Intricate Cuts

With a dedicated Learning Center and support forums, you will be up and running with your Silver Bullet™ in no time!

Silver Bullet Control Panel

Complete Control

Do not let your machine limit your ideas and creativity! With 1250 grams of force and speeds up to 800 mm/sec, this machine is strong enough for chipboard, yet fine tuned enough to cut through vinyl.

Silver Bullet Print and Cut

Spot on Laser Contour Cutting

With pin-point accuracy down to .025 mm, you can do accurate print and cuts and contour cuts every time!

Mac and PC Compatible

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